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Tia Mowry teaches her daughter “Hair Care Affirmations” and it’s very important


Tia Mowry teaches her daughter "Hair Care Affirmations" and it's very important

On May 31, Tia Mowry cut your hair. Its shorter tapered cut was the start of a new era. Mowry expressed it at length love for your own curls and coils in every form, and he’s passing that message on to his children. In fact, on July 22, she shared the cutest “affirmations about hair care” video in which she teaches her daughter some self-empowerment affirmations while she styles her hair.

In the video, Mowry wears white pajamas while daughter Cairo sits across from her in an all-pink ensemble. Mowry begins by untying Cairo’s trio of ponytails to cool them down. “Cairo, can I ask you a question? Why are you so cute?” Mowry asks about her as she sprays her hair with what looks like the Refreshing mist for curls from Mowry’s hair care brand, 4U by Tia.

“Cairo, you look beautiful,” she says as she completes the first ponytail. Cairo repeats them softly until Mowry says the next statement, “I’m kind,” to which her daughter responds by shouting it out loud. She does the same with “I’m strong” as Mowry continues with the next statement.

The next set of affirmations include “I’m smart,” “I’m bold,” “I love my curly hair,” and “I love myself.” Mowry once again reiterates how much she cares about her daughter. “I love you, pretty girl,” she says. Finally, she asks Cairo to say, “I love my curls,” as she completes the final ponytail.

So, he tells Cairo that they have to switch roles, Cairo does his mother’s hair by scrunching it up. Mowry drops a product into her hand, probably the Tia Multipurpose 4U Hair Oiland Cairo scatters it in her mother’s hair.

In addition to the video, Mowry noted in his caption why he is teaching these statements in Cairo. “It’s so important to pass on and share the message that our natural hair is beautiful in every way,” she wrote. “Recite mantras as you get ready in the morning or as you relax in the evening to remind yourself of the inner and outer beauty you exude by simply being YOU!” And honestly, I don’t think there’s a better way to say it.

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