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The Best Ways For Facial Hair Removal


All women have facial hair, even super cool celebrities. We’re furry humans, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of – despite what those super magnifying mirrors would have us believe. That said, if you don’t like peach fluff, that’s okay. There are numerous ways to get rid of it. Remember, if you’re concerned about excess facial hair, it’s best to seek medical advice if it could indicate another underlying condition.

To find out all the list of dos and don’ts of removing facial hair, we interviewed experts, and they didn’t disappoint. Using their insider knowledge, they offer DIY tips, all-natural techniques, and office options for the best short- and long-term approach Remove facial hair.

Read on for 11 expert-approved ways to remove facial hair and smoothen skin effectively.


Tweezers are the easiest and cheapest way to remove facial hair. This is the most common way to keep your brows tame. But you can use it for those occasional chin hairs that pop out. No matter what you’re grooming, check out our list for the best ways and tools in the market.


A depilatory is an alkaline product that breaks down your hair, so it’s easy to wipe off (use a hot towel). The process takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the hair texture and product formulation.

While hair removers are quick and convenient, be careful when choosing a product. Hair removal creams often contain harsh chemicals that can burn your skin, especially the delicate areas of your face. Try something like Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream ($7). It’s Formulated with additional moisturizing properties. Also, remember that results tend to last only a few days. For longer-lasting hair removal methods, read on.


Believe it or not, dermaplaning is a version of facial shaving involving a small exfoliating scalpel to remove the top layer of skin (and hair). 1 Results last about two weeks; although folklore would have you believe that hair grows back faster than before, it didn’t. Try using a moisturizing serum after shaving for an extra dose of moisture that penetrates fresh, smooth skin.

Goodman recommends Dermaflash, which is inspired by skin shaving. She says it’s my go-to tool for smoothing my skin and creating a clear, bright complexion. After that, I recommend a growth factor serum. My favorites are Neocutis Bio Serum Firm Rejuvenating Growth Factor, and Peptide Treatment ($275) calms the skin and produces long-lasting results.


Waxing has long been a popular hair removal method for removing excess peach fuzz from the face and body. It’s been known to last up to four weeks with just some hot wax (or waxing strips) and grit. (Although no one said waxing was a soothing pastime, we were kidding.) You can go for a Professional waxing salon or buy at-home kits for convenience – it’s up to you.

Waxing, however, can be a harsh exfoliating process with some side effects, like residual redness, especially if you have sensitive skin. It’s best to stop using AHA salicylic acid and other powerful exfoliants beforehand. Because you face skin is more delicate than before on the rest of your body, Ismiel recommends using facial wax strips or depilatory cream only on this area as it can become more irritating. She also cautions against using skin care products or makeup that could cause further irritation. Use immediately after waxing calming oil. It will help if your skin feels irritated or she adds a little blunt.

Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is about grabbing hair from the root, and results last about three weeks (depending on individual hair growth), Ismiel explained. Sugar waxing is often confused with body sugar, but some differences exist. Although body sugar has become popular In salons, DIY waxing isn’t as good because it’s harder and messier, she says. Sugar waxing allows greater area coverage and a more specific target area than wax strips.

To prevent bruising while waxing with sugar wax, Ismiel recommends applying a thin layer of gel and keeping the skin taut when removing the strip.

One of the scariest things about waxing at home is the thought of removing excess hair, especially to shape your brows. Sugar wax is the savior of home waxing because formulas (homemade or not) can be easily removed using water when you think you’ve accidentally applied too much; this is not the case when using other hair removal products like tweezers and hair removal creams.


Threading is an age-old hair removal method that uses a string for precise eyebrow shaping and hair removal. It’s fast, doesn’t use chemicals, and is usually cheap. Plus, results can last up to 6 weeks. The rule of thumb for threading is: if you can feel the hair, it can delete.

Hair Removal Gadgets

Maybe you’ve heard of these gadgets: They look like tiny Slinkies that grab hair straight from the roots. Think tweezers much faster because you don’t have to remove each hair individually.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal disables hair follicles by using pulsed light which may sound intimidating, but it’s not. Laser is an FDA-approved permanent hair removal method that is safe for use on the face and body. 2 Laser hair removal restores hair over time; Thinner and lighter than before, it may not return at all.

While dark-haired and light-skinned people tend to see the greatest success after laser hair removal due to treatments that target the pigment in the hair, if you have blond or light-colored hair, don’t worry about Mē Sleek’s at-home hair removal devices ($224) for all changes in facial hair color. At-home devices like Tria’s Laser 4X and Silk’n’s Flash&Go Express hair removal device ($299) can be used on the face from below the cheek line for easy clean hair removal.

Electrolysis Session

This method has the best reviews as it is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal. (Laser treatments are FDA-approved for permanent hair loss.) Electrolysis using electrical current is done through fine needle-like electrodes or metal probes of individual hair.

If electric zaps don’t let you down, then unlike laser hair removal, you don’t need a specific hair or skin color for the best results with electrolysis. Note that you must book multiple treatments to get permanent hair-free results.

Prescription Creams

Why should hair removal make any difference? Enter Vaniqa, (FDA-approved) prescription cream that reduces facial hair in women. Allergan, the company that makes the cream, says you should see improvement within 4 to 8 weeks after treatment begins. While it’s not a permanent method, the cream helps hair grow back more slowly and with a finer, softer texture.

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