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Ovarian Cancer: 10 Warning Signs Of ‘The Silent Killer’ You Should Never Ignore


Each year, more than 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

As the fifth most common cancer in women, ovarian cancer is often called the silent killer of women over 55.

Although by no means in postmenopausal women, ovarian cancer is highly aggressive and, according to doctors, extremely difficult to detect. Erin Barrett’s mom only discovered she had ovarian cancer because she was pregnant. We know the symptoms of cancer inside out. It definitely can’t be ignored (and we hope you are too) – but many of these common cancer symptoms may sound general and vague when looking at gynecological cancers. However, we’ll learn more about the ten most common symptoms women may experience in this exclusive look. These symptoms, which can appear in the earliest stages of testing and more later, can range from severe abdominal and pelvic pain to irregular menstrual cycles and even excessive hair growth. Scroll down to browse the list, and consult your doctor if you are experiencing severe forms of any of the following symptoms.

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1. Frequent Back Pain

Back pain can have many causes. However, if you’re sure you’re not suffering from any physical ailments and discomfort — such as ligament strain, osteoporotic arthritis, or bone abnormalities — then it’s best to see your doctor.

Although this symptom is common in women without ovarian cancer, back pain can cause concern, according to MedlinePlus.

Watch for back pain that gets worse over time for unknown reasons.

2. Pain in the lower abdominal or pelvic area

If you experience pain in the lower abdomen or feel heavy in the pelvic area daily, you should consult your doctor about the cause of these symptoms. A reviewer on the health site eMedicineHealth said: “I suddenly felt bloating in my belly, and It feels like something is moving around. I mistook it for gas and treated my gastritis. I have severe pain near my diaphragm. She then went to see a gynecologist who discovered ovarian cancer after an ultrasound.

3. Very Abnormal Menstrual Cycles

Statistically, more women over 55 are diagnosed with ovarian cancer; however, you don’t have to get ovarian cancer after menopause. According to Healthline, gynecological cancers can also occur in younger women — even those who didn’t develop ovarian cancer for the first time. If you are experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding or if you experience dramatic changes in your menstrual cycle, it is best to let your doctor know so that further testing can be done.

4. Excessive Fatigue

In addition to difficulty breathing, nausea, and loss of appetite, extreme fatigue is one of the symptoms that patients with advanced ovarian cancer may experience. Over 80% of women develop at least one ovarian cancer symptom in the months before they develop ovarian cancer, according to Medical News Today. That’s why studying your own body is so important. Don’t wait more than three months for a test after developing strange symptoms, as 17% of women did.

5. If You Feel Full Easily

According to Healthline, early satiety or eating too fast is one of the four most obvious and common symptoms of ovarian cancer. It’s easy to mistake this symptom for a digestive disorder — but unlike disease caused by ovarian cancer in the digestive tract, you’ll see Symptoms worsened, says Medical News Today.

6. Painful Sex

According to Medical News Today, pain during intercourse may be another strong indicator that you are in the early stages of ovarian cancer. This is associated with pain and pressure in the pelvic area and the need to urinate more urgently and frequently. Whatever painful sex may indicate, it is best to alert your doctor to your symptoms as soon as possible.

7. Nausea and Vomiting Nausea and vomiting.

Like all other symptoms listed in this guide, can indicate various problems. According to WebMD, it is often closely associated with other symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. Advanced Cases According to Gynecologist Jeffrey L. Stern, MD, Ovarian cancer often causes a blockage in the bowel, leading to severe nausea, abdominal pain, and weight loss.

8. Bloating Belly

Bloating is one of the most prominent warning signs of ovarian cancer and general abdominal pain. Famous cancer patient, Wendy Webb’s stomach, is so big it looks like she’s pregnant. In the end, doctors removed her 13-pound tumor and finally declared her cancer-free. If bloating persists for days or even weeks, consult your doctor. Don’t risk confusing it with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome!

9. Dark And Coarse Hair Growth

Excessive hair growth has been reported as a symptom in some women. While not usually the number one cancer symptom, it’s something to worry about. However, according to Women’s Health, some women experience the exact opposite — hair loss.

10. Frequent Constipation

The abdomen and digestive tract are most affected by cancer, especially in its early stages. In addition to general pain in the stomach, other associated symptoms may include digestive problems, loss of appetite, and increased gas, according to MedlinePlus. are you going to Check your body for abnormalities from now on?


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