New York’s Mocha Burger Lux Will Offer Huge $175 Burger • YeahThatsKosher


New York's Mocha Burger Lux Will Offer Huge $175 Burger • YeahThatsKosher

Yes, you read right! Kosher restaurateur and owner of the Mocha-branded franchise (including Mocha Bleu, Mocha Red and Mocha Burger), Naftali Abenaim, has confirmed a top-tier addition with Mocha Burger Lux, an upscale burger/steakhouse combo coming to Midtown Manhattan that we announced earlier this year. Included in the regular meat menu will be a standout item: a 24-karat gold-plated Golden Burger.

The burger will be a 12oz prime rib burger wrapped in 24K gold leaf. After being grilled, it will be topped with Australian black truffle, onions and crispy chips, salsa and pickles. But this is exactly where it begins: the hamburger is brought to the table in a hand-carved wooden case which, once opened, will activate smoke and lights that illuminate the dish.

Interior of Mocha Burger Lux yet to be opened

Dramatic? Yes.

Exaggerated? To say the least.

But Abenaim confirmed that the meal isn’t about the burger, but rather about the theatrics and experience it creates.

the S’Mocha Burger, also on the Mocha Burger Lux menu

It definitely sounds like an experience, though whether or not it’s worth the price will have to be determined when the location officially opens at 4 E46th Street, New York, NY in the coming weeks.

Mocha Burger is certified Glatt Kosher by the OU.