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My self tan has literally changed my life


My self tan has literally changed my life

A BEAUTY influencer shared her simple and effective self-tanning tool.

He said all you need is a kitchen utensil and a little creativity.

Kris, a style influencer, shared the hack that allowed her to apply self-tanner on her backCredit: TikTok/krismarieerrington

Chris (@krismarieerrington) shared the video with over 140,000 followers on TikTok.

The 30-year-old style influencer specializes in hair and beauty tips as well as low-maintenance advice for looking good without too much effort.

Kris shared tips on how to get self-tanner in those hard-to-reach spots like your back.

She explained that the hack was game-changing for her: “The tanning hack that changed my life,” she said.

“If you’re a good friend, share this with every friend you have.”

The simple and easy tip required just three tools.

He held up a spatula, his favorite glove and some hair clips.

He inserted the spatula into the oven mitt and secured it with the clips.

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“Take a putty knife, take your favorite glove, put it in there,” she said, demonstrating.

“Take your little hair clips, bend them, cut them, hold them, cut them,” she said, holding down parts of the oven mitt and cutting it.

The influencer proved that self-tanner can stay true to its namesake: You can tan your entire body and do it yourself.

“Spray your self-tanner on the glove, tan,” she said, leaning behind her to mimic applying the product.

Using a spatula, an oven mitt, and a few hair clips, she easily reached behind her backCredit: TikTok/krismarieerrington