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Jennifer Garner calls it her “secret weapon” for getting silky, voluminous hair without a blow dryer


Jennifer Garner calls it her "secret weapon" for getting silky, voluminous hair without a blow dryer

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The Virtue Labs ambassador also shares some style tips.

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I would be hard pressed to find a more endearing, likeable and likable celebrity than Jennifer Garner. Plus, she’s talented — Mr. Magoo, 13, 30, Juno – that’s an icon right there. Aside from acting, she is also an inexhaustible source of advice on beauty products, for example the perfect “pacifier-proof” foundation.A multipurpose coconut oil for glowing skin, and now, leave-in conditionerwhich she calls “a great detangler.”

In an Instagram adGarner was thrilled Virtue Lab leave-in conditioner. If you follow her, you probably have I’ve seen her talk about the brand before since she is a brand ambassador. In the new post, she describes the $34 bottle as “a secret weapon you don’t even know you need.”


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This Virtue leave-in conditioner it is a nourishing, healing, protective and detangling mist. Of course it has the proprietary branding Alpha Keratin protein 60kuWhich he has been compared to a conductor which directs the healing benefits to the damaged parts of your hair. There’s also a blend of amino acids that provides nourishment and white horehound extract (a plant in the mint family), which according to Virtue, clarifies and breaks down buildup on the scalp.

Garner has a natural, undemanding ease about her, and that vibe applies to this product. She explains that the Virtue leave-in conditioner it’s wonderful, “especially if you like to let your hair air dry.” According to the actress, you can even use it after conditioning your hair in the shower due to how “lightweight” the formula is. She recommends spraying it on the ends and midsection of your locks.


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After demonstratinghas switched to using the file Leave-in conditioner “best friend”, the 6-in-1 Virtue Styler, which offers a multitude of benefits: softness, shine, hydration, strength, shine and protection. Though in Garner’s words, “It gives you texture and protects your hair.”

Despite this is an ad, Garner’s hair really speaks for itself; At the end of the video, her air-dried hair is textured, silky and full of body. Also, I personally had great experiences with the brand myself. Go to Virtue Labs to purchase the Leave-in conditioner AND 6 in 1 modeler and get results like Garner’s.

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