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Ciara celebrated her son’s birthday by showing off both of their natural curls—see pics


Ciara celebrated her son's birthday by showing off both of their natural curls—see pics

There are hair chameleons and then there is hair shapeshifter. Clear she’s absolutely the latter, changing up her look with an incredible array of wigs on a seemingly daily basis. In the last week alone, she has been seen wearing a platinum lob and super long, super straight black cornrows with braided bases, blunt bangs, intertwining tendrils framing her face. She doesn’t need a special occasion to turn things around, but she is… Very special occasion that inspired Ciara to skip the wigs and show off her natural hair.

The singer, dancer, and entrepreneur shared the photos in both her Instagram Stories and a video on her grill to celebrate her son Win’s third birthday. It’s no surprise that this baby is as cute as it gets – he looks at those amazing curls! That is if you can get your eyes off Ciara’s natural curls.

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“Mom natural curls with baby Win,” Ciara wrote under one of the photos, in which she holds Win and smiles with megawatt pride. Parted down the middle, Ciara’s curly hair looks shiny and voluminous — like mother, like son.

Ciara smiling and holding her son, Win

While Ciara loves wigs, it’s clear that her natural hair is just as if not prettier, and this isn’t the first time she’s shown them off. It’s no wonder she does, considering she’s spoken about how proud she is that she’s grown so well after relying on extensions for so long after the damage of the relaxer. “The first time I took a relaxer when I was young, she pulled my hair out. I was devastated. I never thought my hair would grow back. So proud,” she said on Instagram in 2019.

And with Win, she has even more to be proud of since then.

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