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Can you change hairstyle in Remnant 2? Answered


Can You Change Hairstyle in Remnant 2? Answered

You want to know if you can change your hairstyle Rest 2? While Rest 2 is a darker version than its predecessor and offers the similar gameplay to more severe Souls, the game is not without customization and ability to customize the look of the protagonist. Obviously Root is back and wants to destroy reality, and you have to stop him. But who said you can’t do it with a trendy haircut? After all, after the gender of the character and his clothes, the hairstyle is the first thing you pay attention to. Despite this, changing hairstyle in Rest 2 can be problematic and we will explain why below.

How to change hairstyle in Remnant 2

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Talking about the mechanics of customizing your character’s appearance in Rest 2, you will not be able to change your hairstyle after completing the initial customization of your hero. When creating a new character, you can choose from a wide variety of men’s and women’s hairstyles and dye your hair any color. But once you start playing, accept that you can’t change your hair.

You’ll have to play with the selected hair throughout the game, and it’s not that bad. After all, the plot of the game and a bunch of side content, visiting new worlds, and fighting the universal evil Root will probably take your attention a bit away from the shape and color of your hair. However, you can delete the character and start your journey from the beginning by choosing a more suitable appearance. But it seems to us that this is not why it is worth restarting the game. After all, you can experience something new when you play the game.

Also, it’s worth noting that you’ll have a slightly larger library of hairstyles when you start your adventures as a male character. No, nothing is surprising here because men have five facial hair options too. You can choose a full beard like Kratos’ or a smooth face like a teenager’s. The choice is yours. But at the same time, both genders have the same number of hairstyles and head dyes.

Finally, let’s just add that character customization is not something to worry about. After all, the storyline of the game, procedural generation of the world and unique gameplay for each player will allow you to forget about such details as hair.


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Rest 2 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.