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Ashley Graham’s permed pony is straight out of an 80s teen movie


Ashley Graham's permed pony is straight out of an 80s teen movie

Ashley Graham isn’t one to shy away from a more “out there” beauty look, like her recent bleached brows, or borrowed from other eras, like her stunning 1920s spiked locks at the Met Gala. So we really weren’t surprised when she appeared on our IG with this amazing XXL permanent curly ponytail. It looks like she’s straight out of an 80’s teen movie and we live for it.

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Ashley currently hosts HGTV Barbie dream house challenge and the Barbie vibes are evident too, because Barbie didn’t shy away from a perm in the ’80s (no really, just google it).

This Barbie doll wears her huge XXL curly ponytail high on her head, full of volume at the crown, lifted up before falling down her back in big bouncy curls. Her look is tied back but not tight, and finished with a long sweeping side fringe that crosses the front of the style and curves down around her face, spiced up with honey locks. Perfection.

While the curls are perhaps just a touch more defined than a brushed-out 80s perm, you can’t argue with the spirit of the age. Move that pony to the side and it would be game over.

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